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Automatic Control Systems - 10th Edition

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   Author(s): Farid Golnaraghi, Benjamin C. Kuo
        Publisher: Farid Golnaraghi, Benjamin C. Kuo, Year: 2017   
A book with all of the basic fundamental knowledge about automated control systems, each of which is linked with the other.

I would like to present the basic topics of the textbook, including beginning with the first version, Automatic Control Systems and then continuing with the other edition, Automatic Control Systems, Revamped and Modified to include the updated material that is easier to comprehend. In the sense of this textbook, Automated Control Systems involves creative computer laboratories that mimic physical systems and allows readers to sharpen their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The Simulation Response lab is a recent class of research that incorporate model-based models and physical trials with LEGO® robots, which is expected to revolutionise the field of early identification of adverse events. These experiments are meant to use as a complement to a conventional and in-class curriculum where students learn to model and simulate the actions of electrical circuit systems with high accuracy, while also being able to have access to the technical tools they may require, such as a mathematics or science-related programme. This cost efficient solution can allow educational institutions to equip their laboratories with a variety of LEGO controlled test beds and optimise student access to the equipment at a fraction of the cost of currently available control device experiments. When you practise on the equipment given, you can even have some self teaching sessions on the equipment that you blow into.

The second edition of the textbook follows a tradition of success with:

More instances that can now be solved efficiently.

• Online labs using both LEGO MINDSTORMS® and the MATLAB/SIMLab platform.

• Enhancements made to the open source ACSys platform, to allow the use of a real-world robotic gui.

This page includes a helpful guide to the idea of Control Lab.

With Chapters 1 through 3 laying a basis for learning control theory, Chapters 4 through 10 zero in on particular elements of control theory important to the subject matter at hand.

• 9 appendices, including Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra and Control Lab, and 3 more, including Difference Equations and Mathematical Base.

A PowerPoint® demonstration and sample methods are available and can be used by professors in training.

Adopted by hundreds of universities and translated into at least nine languages, Automatic Control Systems remains the single-best resource for students to gain a practical understanding of the subject and to prepare them for the challenges they will one day face. For practicing engineers, it represents a clear, thorough, and current self-study resource that they will turn to again and again throughout their career.

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