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ARM system developer's guide: designing and optimizing system software

ARM system developer's guide: designing and optimizing system software pdf free download

   Author(s):  Wright, Chris; Sloss, Andrew N.; Symes, Dominic  
        Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2004   

Over the last ten years, the ARM architecture has been one of the most pervasive architectures in the world, with more than 2 billion ARM-based processors installed in products ranging from mobile phones to vehicle braking systems. This group of software, hardware, and machine product developers includes individuals from software production firms, computer hardware design companies, and hardware engineers. By far the most challenging aspect of designing an ARMS-based system has been the developers' lack of a book on the subject of development. Or this text bridges the void.

The book "ARM Architecture Reference Manual for Embedded Linux Developers" offers a concise analysis of the ARM architecture with a strong focus on software creation. This book shows not only how to write powerful ARM applications in C and assembly but also how to simplify code. As an example in the book, the same code can be embedded into consumer goods and used as a framework to allow fast development of effective applications.

The book discusses both the ARM and Thumb instruction sets, covers Intel's XScale Processors, describes differences among the variations of the ARM architecture, and shows how to execute DSP algorithms. Using this book will walk through more of the information about the hardware, operating environment, and software used on a single processor. It will aid in an understanding of the impact of hardware decisions on performance. In conclusion, the final chapter assesses what the future holds for the ARM architecture given the current instruction set known as ARMv6, the recent update to the instruction set known as ARMv5, and how these changes are impacting the ARM architecture for both device and media processing applications.

There are no other books that address the ARM centre from both a system and machine viewpoint.
Since the author team has considerable experience in designing ARM instruction set architecture (ISA) software, they are able to provide the requisite software skills needed by the ARM processor designers.
* Written in real-world language, Realistic, Coding is thoroughly explained in the book and can be downloaded on the publisher's website.
* Is made of a basic embedded operating system.
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