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Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Pathophysiology of Disease 8th edition pdf free download

   Author(s): Gary Hammer, Stephen McPhee   
        Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year: 2019   

A case-based full colour analysis of the fundamentals of pathophysiology involving all main organs and processes

With Q&A, over 130 case studies

The purpose of this trustworthy text is to introduce you to clinical medicine by analysing the pathophysiological foundation of 132 frequently occurring diseases and related signs and symptoms) in medical practise. A concise analysis of the relevant normal structure and operation of each body system was carried out by the scientists, all specialists in their respective fields, accompanied by a discussion of the pathophysiological processes underlying many prevalent diseases linked to that system. High-quality full-color drawings, including various tables and graphs are available in the open presentation.

Each Pathophysiology of Disease chapter ends with a series of case studies and questions intended to test the interpretation of each clinical entity's pathophysiology. This case studies help you to apply your skills to individual clinical circumstances. At the conclusion of the book, comprehensive answers to and case study question are given.

In terms of a pathophysiological basis, this unique interweaving of clinical and pathological principles will place you on the path towards thinking about signs and effects, allowing you an idea of the "why" behind sickness and care.

Some of the several changes and additions are here:

12 more case reports, taking the number to 132, one for each of the therapeutic entities addressed in the 24 chapters of the book.
The contribution of new authors improves and refreshes more than 2/3 of the chapters.
Fully revamped Neoplasia Chapter
Fresh parts of the chapter on urticaria, spinocerebellar ataxia, pulmonary idiopathic fibrosis and spondyloarthropathies
New tables summarise adverse prognostic signs of acute pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer-related genetic syndromes and causes of end-stage renal disease.
Modern diagnosis and etiological assessment of diabetes mellitus and updating of pathways for the treatment of new pharmacological agents
Fine-needle aspiration biopsy updates for thyroid nodules and maternity thyroid disorders
Updated sources all over the novel
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