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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties - 10th Edition

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   Author(s): Andrew Baldwin, Nina HjeldeCharlotte GoumalatsouGil Myers  
        Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2016   

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties includes a detailed chapter on some of the clinical areas you will experience across the rotations of your medical school and Foundation Programme, addressing the main clinical specialties. This unique platform, now revised with the current guidance and generated by a new and trusted team of writers with contemporary knowledge of working on the wards, delivers the material in a succinct and rational manner, providing straightforward recommendations on clinical management and providing insight into holistic treatment.

This handbook is suitable for use at the immediate point of treatment, whether on the ward or in the neighbourhood, and for research and review, filled with high-quality diagrams, bins, charts, and classifications. Each chapter is easy to read and packed with digestible details, with features such as ribbons to mark your most-used pages and mnemonics to help you memorise and remember important information, while patient quotes help the reader better understand and question, strengthening the interaction between doctor and patient. This is the definitive reference for any medical student and junior doctor for each clinical placement, and as a revision tool, with reassuring and friendly guidance throughout. This tenth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties is the ideal supplement to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Practice, which spans the whole clinical medicine continuum and lets you become the doctor you want to be.
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Book Review:

This latest version of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialities may seem limited in scale, but it should not be overlooked. ... [This is an important part of the bookshelf of any medical student and can be very helpful in leading you through the major clinical specialities. I considered this emphasis delightful and deserving of consideration from any physician...

I considered this emphasis delightful and deserving of consideration from any physician... In the various kinds of patient experiences primary care providers will face and the reward this provides in a career that requires patient care from infancy to end of life, they constantly inspire sympathy and concern. For rich, authoritative perspectives into these many facets of medicine, the authors mine their knowledge. (April 2013, Doody's Notes) Although there are some good pocket-sized medical guides, as this one does, I have not seen one that has the information and simple format for fast reference.

It contains insightful instruments and an invitation from the authors for reviews. What I find most attractive is the unique focus that is apparent throughout on the human dimensions of practising medicine, which is well balanced with the more commonly learned scientific, knowledge-based material. The authors excel in their aim of stressing attachment and kindness as a way of offering more productive patient care as well as promoting and strengthening the motivation for the doctor to chose this profession. You will not be disappointed if you are searching for a fast reference medical book. A especially valuable benefit is the emphasis on the experience of compassionate human beings caring for those in need. (April 2013, Doody's Notes)

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