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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis - 3rd Edition

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis - 3rd Edition pdf free download
   Author(s): Huw Llewelyn, Hock Aun Ang, Keir Lewis, Anees Al-Abdullah
        Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2014

The Oxford Clinical Diagnosis Handbook is the first and only book so far to explain the method of differential medical thinking in order to learn it scientifically and consistently. It also explains how to simply and objectively explain subjective medical impressions in an evidence-based manner. The differential diagnosis of each symptom, physical indication, and initial outcome of the test is given. The book uses pattern recognition tables to allow the reader to search the page to see which diagnostic application is better applied to the outcomes or case history of a patient. The book is targeted at medical schools and those who want their diagnosis abilities to be strengthened. It discusses how orally or in writing to support diagnosis and management decisions and explains what data is expected from the study and its statistical characteristics to do so. It presents a structure and examples for senior doctors to help educate trainees and students to address diagnostic concerns in a rational way and to explain their views. It offers practical assistance to all physicians when dealing with issues beyond their immediate area of practice, especially general practitioners and those faced with unexpected circumstances.

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis, now updated for its third edition, offers a succinct and realistic explanation of the mechanisms of thought underlying clear and confident diagnosis. Through each discipline, the handbook is systematically mapped out with symptoms and indications, and provides a detailed explanation of the rational evidence-based differential diagnosis basis.

With simpler diagrams and brand new pictures, this new version has been revised. This handbook helps guarantee your excellence and faith regardless of the signs and symptoms the patient presents with including unusual diagnoses alongside the typical illnesses, and vital knowledge on longer-term recovery alongside the initial therapies. You should be certain that this handbook can be the ideal companion for straightforward and optimistic diagnosis during your medical profession while offering realistic assistance when coping with issues beyond your scope of practise or with unexpected circumstances.
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Book Review:
It is pitched perfectly for the student studying for undergraduate clinical exams and for the general practice specialist training knowledge test. It would also serve as a helpful aide memoir for doctors dealing with a patient presenting with a problem outside their speciality. (British Journal of Hospital Medicine)

The idea is brilliant — take symptoms, signs, and examination findings, and suggest the most likely diagnosis. Then discuss how best to confirm it...once again OUP has come up trumps with another fine addition to the handbook family. (Dr Jeremy Sagar, Univadis)

Whether you use its easy layout and concise size as a quick reference onwards or as a key text on those differential diagnosis questions in your private study, this book aims to help you come to terms with one of the hardest skills known to medical students. (Steve Knight, Year 4 Intercalating Student, Leicesterscrubs.com)

...not only does this book provide clearly headed pages of presenting complaints together with lists of their possible differentials - its layout is specifically designed in such a way to make you consistently mimic that used by clinicians on wards everyday...The usefulness of this book to your clinical years, combined with your OHCM, shouldn't be underestimated (Steve Knight, Fourth Year Intercalating student, Leicesterscrubs.com)

a beneficial addition to any medical ward either at the nurses' station or in the doctors' office...would recommend this book for consultation at ward level. (AS Fitzpatrick, Marchall Riley)

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