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Minds Without Boundaries (A New Library of the Supernatural) 

Minds Without Boundaries (A New Library of the Supernatural) pdf free download
   Author(s):  Stuart Holroyd   

 It is not a novel notion that the human imagination will transcend the five senses, but the theoretical study of that definition is new. In its many bizarre twists and turns, this book tells the history of such discovery. In Pursuit of the Mysterious, the opening chapter outlines the nature of the research, which encompasses manifestations as diverse as thought transmission or telepathy; psychokinesis, the capacity to psychologically influence the material world; clairvoyance, the ability of the mind to obtain information unknown to any other person; and precognition or experience of possible events. Any of the famous studies in the history of psychological science are mentioned by the author. These include the' Reality case' in which a man conveyed to his fiancee and her family his own image; Mrs. Upton Sinclair's clairvoyant drawings; and the various psychokinesis and other physical phenomenon experiments performed by the controversial British researcher Harry Price. He also looks at recent psychological science developments, including some surprising Soviet Union findings, which suggest that the enigmatic forces of the mind might be much more varied than previously thought. The various photos and diagrams accompany the text and demonstrate some of the extraordinary psychic incidents in history, plus five specially commissioned sculptures.
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