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Essentials of Gynaecology - 2nd Edition

Essentials of Gynaecology 2nd edition lakshmi seshadri pdf free download

   Author(s): Lakshmi Seshadri
        Publisher: Wolters Kluwer India, Year: 2016   

Essentials in gynaecology; second edition of the book for the college students. All the chapters have been revised keeping in mind the new individuals who have earned post - cancer. Chapters under the section on Gynaecological Oncology have been updated with new knowledge about the classifications, staging, and management of the conditions relating to normal or abnormal growth, especially of the uterus, ovaries and vagina (uterine, ovarian and vaginal). Typing lengthy explanatory paragraphs, everybody has been told to outline their thoughts every time they have to you. The chapters on Irregular Uterine Bleeding and Benign Diseases of the Vulva have been extensively revised in light of the most recent advances in the field. There are case scenarios, clinical photos, and self-assessment questions which asks about the disease and the key therapies. With the contemporary medical principles, lets postgraduates and young professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of clinical diagnosis, examinations and evidence-based management of gynaecology.
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