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LPR fundamentals of Medical Physiology

LPR fundamentals of Medical Pharmacology pdf free download

Author(s): L Prakasam Reddy 
        Publisher: Paras Medical Publishers, Year: 2017

In a new style with reorganised text and refined illustrations, the 6th edition of 'Fundamentals of Medical Physiology' has been entirely refurbished. In a carefully designed and clinically focused way, the book is comprehensively formatted, including the latest advances in physiology, in a plain language for easy comprehension. It contains specific and resourceful topics that make it easy for readers to identify with the subject's core characteristics for thorough preparation of basic concepts. Within and subject, clinical and applied aspects are included. In addition, at apt places in the text, thought-provocative logical questions were included, which would be helpful for the students. With over 700 illustrations containing statistics, flow charts and images for relatable details and adaptation of complicated physiological principles, the book is profusely illustrated. For easy recall of details, mnemonics have been added. In addition, at the end of the pages, MCQs and self-assessment questions are added.
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