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Heterocyclic Chemistry - 3rd Edition 

Heterocyclic Chemistry 3rd Edition pdf free download

   Author(s): Raj K Bansal  
        Publisher: New Age International Publishers   

The title book is intended for graduate and postgraduate students as a detailed textbook for a full course in the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds. The book has been extensively revised in many chapters and parts. During the revision of the book, recent research work and developments in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds were taken into account. The inclusion of techniques such as New Synthetic Reagents and Phase Transfer Catalysis are special features of this edition. The author has received a close analysis of essential reactions with comprehensive mechanisms. This workout will help to unravel and appreciate the dynamics of complex syntheses. The book was written in the language of friendliness. Fresh topics have been applied to the latest literature. The bibliography, which will be a valuable guide for students and scholars, has been revised.
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