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Free Radical Pharmacology

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In the recent past, the role of free radicals in normal cell functions and various pathological conditions has been a subject of pharmacological studies. For cell signalling and other critical physiological functions, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals, in general, are essential; however, excessive amounts can cause cellular reduction-oxidation (redox) equilibrium to be altered and disrupt normal biological functions. Oxidative stress (OS) happens when there is a mismatch between ROS behaviours and antioxidant/scavenging protection mechanisms. The development of many disease conditions, including male infertility, has included a good number of studies showing that OS is involved. The formation of free radicals and their effects, as well as the mechanisms of antioxidant/scavenging protection systems, with particular emphasis on the testis, are discussed in the present article. The research also addresses the contribution of OS to testicular dysfunction and briefly focuses on some conditions caused by OS that can change testicular function.
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