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Essentials Of Orthopedics For Physiotherapists - 2nd Edition

Essentials Of Orthopedics For Physiotherapists 2nd edition pdf free download

   Author(s): John Ebnezer  
        Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, Year: 2011   

This latest version has been revamped and modified extensively, and the colour format has been greatly improved. In order to better explain orthopaedic disorders, more clinical images have been introduced to the document, and new surgical photographs have been provided where possible, which is an extra benefit for students of physiotherapy, since they seldom get a chance in their career to observe live surgeries. Gaining insight into the operative photos will help them better understand the treatment of orthopaedic disorders, making them better physiotherapists. In order to develop and enrich their clinical expertise, several new X-rays have been introduced. Several orthopaedic methods have been shown to increase understanding of the treatment of common orthopaedic disorders, such as the reduction of a fracture or dislocation. As these were quite common with the physiotherapy fraternity, all the appealing features of the previous edition, such as brief summaries, mnemonics, and anecdotes, have been retained.
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