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Pharmacognosy by Kokate 

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   Author(s): C K Kokate, A P Purohit, S B Gokhale  
        Publisher: Nirali Prakashan, Year: 2019

In the field of herbal medicines, the Post-GATT era and the current international patenting trend offer many challenges. In a global sense, the WHO guidelines for the evaluation of herbal medicines have given impetus to the commercial exploitation of indigenous drugs. With this in mind, our effort is to include a detailed text on modern pharmacognosis that covers cultivation technology, herbal drug quality control, phytochemistry, phytopharmacy and crude drug therapeutic utility. The emphasis in this edition is on current trends in Herbal Medicines, Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Marine Pharmacognosy, Biotechnology of medicinal plants and endangered species of medicinal plants. The additional feature of this book is information about plant vaccines, Omega-3 fatty acid, Hypericin, Spirulina, Forskolin, Joioba oil, Camptothecin, Feverfew, Echinacea, Phyllanthus, Bhringraj, Guduchi, Amra, Manjistha, Stevia, Long Peper and many other medicines.
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