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The web application hacker's handbook: finding and exploiting security flaws

The web application hacker's handbook: finding and exploiting security flaws pdf free download

Author(s): Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto  
Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2011   

The highly popular safety book returns with a new, fully revised version
For most organisations, web apps are the front door, exposing them to attacks that can reveal personal information , conduct fraudulent transactions, or endanger ordinary users. This practical book has been extensively updated and revised to address the latest step-by - step methods to assault and protect the ever-evolving spectrum of web applications. You will discuss the different new technologies used in web applications that have emerged since the first edition, and review the new techniques of attack that have been developed, especially in relation to the client side.
  • Reveals how to resolve the latest technologies and techniques designed to protect web applications from attacks that have arisen since the previous edition
  • Discusses new remote systems, HTML5, cross-domain integration methods, UI redress, framebusting, pollution of HTTP parameters, hybrid file attacks, etc.
  • Features a website hosted by the authors that allows readers to evaluate the attacks listed, provides answers to the questions asked at the end of each chapter, and provides a summary methodology and task checklist.
  • This book is the most up-to - date guide on the vital subject of finding, exploiting, and avoiding web application security vulnerabilities, concentrating on the areas of web application security where things have changed in recent years.
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