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Surgery Essence - 4th Edition

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   Author(s): Pritesh Singh  
        Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers   

This version of the surgical essence is full of emerging developments and recent advancements in the field of surgery. A lot of image-based questions are being asked in most PG entry exams, particularly in AIIMS and NEET. In the beginning, image-based questions are given to deliver to an edge. Triads, signs, searches for choices and topics focused on the "most popular" form of questions are included in the annexes to save your precious time and to support you in the most important hours of revision. In the beginning, the br > Chapter synopsis is provided for the development of concepts about the topics. The recent questions and their definitions are illustrated and written in a way that will help the students recall and repeat them in the exam hall. The information given is cogent but succinct, since we all know the clock is ticking, to save the precious time.
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