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Indian Economy - for Civil Services, Universities and Other Examinations 12th Edition

Indian Economy - for Civil Services, Universities and Other Examinations 12th Edition pdf free download

   Author(s): Ramesh Singh  
                                    Publisher: Mc Graw HillYear: 2020                                           

Presenting thoroughly revised 12th edition of Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. It is one of the most recommended comprehensive books on the subject for many years, written by a subject expert who has several books on economics, contemporary essays, etc. to his credit. The book is based on the syllabus for the UPSC examination. It covers the concepts at the basic level along with the facts in the most updated manner, linking them to the current developments in the Indian context. The inputs from the Economic Survey 2019-20, Union Budget 2020-21, India Development Report 2017 (the latest), India 2020 and other relevant official documents are included in this fully expanded, revised and revised edition, making it a much better one-stop solution to the needs of the aspirants for the upcoming examinations.

Key Highlights:
★ Revamped introductory chapter with latest national income estimates
★ Substantially revised chapters on Inflation, Agriculture , Industry, Infrastructure and Services with new issues added
★ Revised and updated chapters on Development Economics, Economic Reforms, Human Development in India along with incorporation of latest Human Development Report 2019
★ Student-friendly features like Glossary of relevant terms and Multiple-Choice Questions together with Model Answers have been updated and revised based on the relevant burning issues and the latest changes

About the writer:
Ramesh Singh is an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics and an education consultant with over two decades of experience in guiding the aspirants of civil services and other examinations. He is a prolific writer and has written many books, including Indian Economy, Bhartiya Arthavyavastha, Contemporary Essays, Objective Indian Economy and Social Progress, 1000 Plus Questions on General Science, both in English and Hindi for McGraw Hill. He is also a popular columnist of the Publication Division journals Yojana and Kurukshetra. A instructor par excellence, he is blessed with the exceptional standard of cogent and crystal-clear simplification of the complicated concepts of economics. His expert lectures on economics and essay are quite popular across the country.

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