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Organic Chemistry - Mehta and Mehta - 2nd Edition

Organic Chemistry - Mehta and Mehta - 2nd Edition pdf free download

   Author(s): Bhupinder Mehta, Manju Mehta 
Publisher: Prentice-Hall of India, Year: 2015

The book's second edition continues to offer a range of pedagogical features which maintain the text's balanced approach. The efforts were made to further improve philosophical comprehension through the implementation of more theories and a variety of solved problems.

Comprehensive in approach, this text provides a thorough treatment of organic chemistry to enable undergraduate students to learn the subject in a straightforward, simple , easily comprehensible and logical way. The purpose of this book, presented in a new and exciting way, is to make the study of organic chemistry as enjoyable, interesting, and important as possible.

Starting with molecular structures and properties, IUPAC nomenclature, stereochemistry, and organic reaction mechanisms, proceeding next to detailed chemistry treatment of hydrocarbons and functional groups, then to organometallic compounds and oxidation-reduction reactions, and finishing with a study of selected topics (such as heterocyclic compounds, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides, etc. Transitions between topics are smooth, descriptions are coherent, and references to earlier material are frequent for continuity.

The book contains over 500 solved problems with suitable explanations, from easy to genuinely challenging ones. Moreover, the IUPAC nomenclature contains over 275 examples and solved problems, with varying degrees of difficulty.

About Some of the book's main features

• Learn MORE: Four collections of problems solved provide in-depth insight and a deeper understanding of certain critical aspects of organic chemistry.

• MINI ESSAYS: Three small essays present informative writing-ups to provide an introductory knowledge of the chemistry of natural products such as lipids, terpenes, alkaloids , steroids and nucleic acids and enzymes.

• NOTABILIA: Twenty-two 'notabilia boxes' scattered throughout the text illustrate main aspects of related subjects, ranging from chemistry principles to day-to-day chemistry concepts.

• STRUCTURES AND Processes NOT IN ORDER: cites examples of common mistakes made by students when drawing structural formulas and showing arrows in reaction mechanisms, and helps them develop the vocabulary of organic chemistry by teaching correct drawings and their meaning.

• GLOSSARY: Contains 'Title reactions,' 'Reagents,' and other primary words for students to study quickly.

Clearly written and clearly arranged, the writers have endeavored to make it as simple as possible for students to learn from and teach from this complex and important branch of science.
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