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On Rounds: 1000 Internal Medicine Pearls

On Rounds: 1000 Internal Medicine Pearls pdf free download

   Author(s): Landsberg MD, Dr. Lewis
        Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Year: 2015

Clinical assessment is a crucial-perhaps the most important-element of patient care that is reliable, precise and cost-effective. Focusing on essential clinical skills, rounds: 1000 pearls of internal medicine help clinicians identify critical findings in training and practice that will simplify complex clinical problems and lead to accurate diagnosis. One thousand easy-to - remember clinical aphorisms, or "pearls," help you differentiate the relevant results from the trivial, pointing out the characteristics within the mass of data collected in a patient's assessment, and contributing to the creation of mature clinical judgement.
  • Go "on walks" To one of the most known internal medicine trainers, and benefit from almost 50 years of clinical practice.
  • Focus on places that often leave students, trainees and even experienced practitioners confused.
  • Learn every Pearl in a specific clinical sense, with tables, clinical images and, where applicable, physiological information.
  • Recognize 'black pearls': statements which, while commonly believed, are obviously incorrect.
  • Improve your skills in clinical judgement whether you are a resident or an experienced clinician.
  • Now with the print edition, enjoy a bundled interactive book edition that can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone or accessed online and includes features such as: full content with enhanced navigation.
  • Effective search tools and smart cross-link navigation that draw the results of book material, notes and even web content
  • Cross-linked sites for fast navigation, references and more
  • Highlighting tool to enable comparison of main content through the text 
  • Making notes and exchanging them with friends and colleagues
  • Fast comparison tabbing to save content on your favorites for future use
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