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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)pdf free download

Author(s): J.K. Rowling  
Publisher: Scholastic, Year: 2005


As one summer evening, Dumbledore arrives at Privet Drive to collect Harry Potter, his wand hand is blackened and shriveled, but he doesn't disclose why. Secrets and mistrust spread across the wizarding world and Hogwarts are not free itself. Harry is persuaded that Malfoy holds Dark Mark: among them is Death Eater. Harry will need strong magic and true friends as he discovers the deepest secrets of Voldemort and Dumbledore trains him to meet his destiny.

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Book Review:

Voldemort's hazard is completely realised. The planet went down in anarchy. Wizards live in terror for their lives. Students are being discouraged from going to school out of fear of what could happen to the school now that the Dark Lord is back. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince are the last move on the journey ahead of the final conclusion. Darker tones along with responses to questions that have been bubbling up since the beginning of the show are getting answers. Was this book worth a reading? Let's work it out.

To the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling is the 6th installment of Harry Potter 's 7 book series. Scholastic published this book July 15th, 2005. In the US edition the book includes 652 pages shared across 29 books.

Harry Ron and Hermione have tried to figure out who the Half Blood Prince is, the plot takes on a deeper tone that is also following many mysteries. Around the same time, Harry and Dumbledore are attempting to uncover the mysteries of Dumbledore's last year's research concerning Lord Voldemort, his rise to power and how we've been able to continue to trigger problems throughout their universe.

The story really takes on and amplifies the feeling of increasing urgency generated in Order of the Phoenix. Comparing this book's style back to the beginning of the series we get two distinct perspectives of reading. Let 's look at what's leading to that.

Story in The Prince of Half Blood
The plot was fun in the Half Blood Prince, and captivating from cover to cover. The book starts with Dumbledore meeting Harry, as he asks Harry to assist him with a mission. It's about hiring a brand new .. Teacher Potions. At this point we all expect the new instructor to be back for Protection against the Dark Arts for each installment of this series, but we are shocked to hear that the roles have shifted.

Professor Dumbledore is attempting to pick up Horace Slughorn, a former retired potions master. The character is vital to the plans of Dumbledore, and the ability to uncover clues to the history of Voldemort.

Harry and Dumbledore continue to work throughout the school year to discover secrets to the Dark Lord 's history to try and learn how they can kill him for good.

As normal, the things occurring in this book are all loosely connected to an end target. In particular, Malfoy eventually gets his moment in the spotlight when Harry is persuaded that he has turned to join Lord Voldemort with his family and no one believes him.

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Harry's preoccupation with Malfoy starts quite early after visiting Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Fred and George's prank shot that appeared in Diagon Alley. Now that those characters have left school, they've taken TriWizard Tournament winnings from harry and started the company they've been working on for years.

The book also builds upon the teen romance among many of the characters with which we have grown up. Ginny Weasley is a Dean Thomas dating but Harry formed feelings for her. Ron and Hermione get into several spats as Hermione lets Harry know her thoughts about Him. Ron dates Lavender Brown who has his mushy experiences in everybody's face.

It makes sense that such experiences will begin to become more normal in this book because all of these children have been around each other for over 5 years and are now in their 6th year of hogwarts placing them around 16 and 17 years old.

But the combination of all these factors makes for a very convincing and emotional narrative. We've become conscious with the past two books that death is a real consequence in this series.

In my view, the climax for this book is legendary. There were so many surprising surprises in this novel, as Harry and Dumbledore continue their journey together, as well as a very dark and scary scene.

I was shocked by the twist at the end of the novel when I first read the book like everyone else who read it that quickly cemented this book to the top of the series while trying to list my favorites. I'm not going to go through much on this because I'm trying to protect those free feedback because spoilers.

The book's end sends shockwaves through the reader, with no idea what's next. It had been a great setup for the series' final installment.

The Characters Prince in Half Blood
There doesn't seem to be a lot of new developments in the Half Blood Prince that offers the current developments an opportunity to continue evolving.

Horace Slughorn was the one new character that stood out most from the introduction though. His character likes to gather good relationships so he's attracted to Harry. We discover how many different wizard families including Serious Black 's family and Harry's parents came to know him. His character is made out to be quite the snob, but in that he just likes surrounding himself with the best and setting others aside in doing so.

Character Ginny is rising slightly. I know that many people have issues with her character's film version but I believe like her character's book version evolves more objectively and has background context that can help clarify how her character developed into who she was by the end of Half Blood Prince.

I feel like Ron is finally beginning to establish his own personality in this book which was quite missing in previous novels. In this book, he turns 17, and attempts to learn the apparatus. (That is the art of teleporting from place to place). Even by taking extra classes to try to get it right, he doesn't succeed in this.

His trust has come back because he is on this year's Quidditch team. Having said that, the previous two books were able to skip the school quidditch season because of making room for further plot with TriWizard Tournament and the rules introduced by Professor Umbridge for breaking up quidditch parties. It returns in this book which makes it refreshing without overstaying its acceptance.

The character of Hermione continues to flourish in her capacity as a Witch. She is still seeking to learn how to make equipment. It makes her jealous when Ron gets her girlfriend, and as a result she hangs less with Ron because she can't stand the two together.

The character of Luna Lovegood is growing as she gets into situations with Harry as he invites her to go to one of the "Slug Club" meetings.

If there are characters in this book who evolve the most I would have to say they 're Malfoy and Dumbledore.

Dumbledore speaks a lot more about himself and his faults and grievances. His mysterious and very important life is put at the forefront of Harry's attention in this book and it really starts cracking his character and what makes Dumbledore such a smart and effective wizard. We 're still heavily involved by the end of this book in the continuing investigation into Voldemort and the journey it takes him and Harry on.

Within this book the character of Malfoy has a very large amount of development. We see that more through Harry's eyes, as he watches him all year long. Last but not least, Malfoy is more than just a threatening character to Harry and the gang as they get into some serious fights in the novel.

Half Blood Prince Pacing
This book does a good job of walking the reader into the mystery and hiding around every corner has something different. Setting the book down from cover to cover is very difficult. Also inside the castle walls, there is a strong mix of immediate risk, as there are many threats to Dumbledore 's survival. Such challenges to the rising severity of the situation and the very real danger of the increasing domination of Voldemort 's society across the wizarding world.

Simultaneously, these smaller experiences hark back to the individual to solve the mystery that Harry Ron and Hermione would in the past do in the novels. J.K Rowling was able to draw up a book of mysteries that didn't work much at all.

Bottom line
In the Harry Potter show, Half Blood Prince was easily in the top 3 novels. The writing feels like it has taken a step up from the series' previous novels and is capable of captivating the reader as well. This pays off many plotlines and hints of ideas that have been put cleverly in the entire show.

Although this wasn't J.K 's original course. With the show Rowling had in mind, it's coming off very well. All that has contributed to this book serves a reason and leads to always positive payoffs.

Perhaps notably, the setting up of the final chapter for the series makes this book very well. It's clear what needs to happen next and the lessons that the characters learned will play a part in the final chapter, not only in the course of this book but the entire show.

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Easily worth reading this book. Unable to be missed. You can use our affiliate connection if you wish to pick up a copy of this book for yourself. Remember, if you haven't already seen below, be sure to check the reviews of the rest of the books in the show. Review of the final book in the series is coming soon. Hold your eyes open.

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