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Fundamentals of Biochemistry - 7th Edition

Fundamentals of Biochemistry 7th Edition pdf free download

Author(s): J L Jain , Sunjay Jain, Nitin Jain 
Publisher: S Chand , Year: 2016


This book was mainly intended to familiarize students with the basic concepts of biochemistry such as biomolecules, bioenergetics, metabolism, hormone biochemistry, biochemistry of nutrition as well as biochemistry analytics. The book is overflowing with various diagrams and molecular structures that will not only assist the students in assimilating detailed knowledge on a range of biochemical principles, but also allow them to effectively maintain the principles.
Features / Benefits:
• Inclusion of important topics such as Bioenergetics, Metabolism and Biochemical Nutrition
• The contributions of over 100 biochemists to the history of life
• A complete and explanatory glossary of some 1700 words
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Book Contents:

Part I: Preface
1. Introduction
2. Water: The Solvent of Life
3. pH and Buffers
4. The Atom and Chemical Bonds
Part II: Biomolecules5. Carbohydrates I – General Structure of Monosaccharides
6. Carbohydrates II – Properties of Monosaccharides
7. Carbohydrates III – Oligosaccharides
8. Carbohydrates IV – Polysaccharides
9. Proteins I – General Structure
10. Proteins II – Classification
11. Proteins III –General Properties
12. Lipids I – General Structure
13. Lipids II – Classification
14. Lipids III – Properties of Fats and Oils
15. Nucleic Acids
16. Enzymes I – Nomenclature and Classification
17. Enzymes II – Characteristics and 3-‘D’ Structure
18. Enzymes III – Mechanism of Enzyme Action
Part III: Bioenergetics and Metabolism19. Metabolic Concepts
20. Bioenergetics
21. Glycolysis
22. Pyruvate Oxidation and Citric Acid Cycle
23. Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation
24. Oxidation of Fatty Acids
25. Biosynthesis of Lipids
26. Oxidation of Amino Acids
27. Biosynthesis of Amino Acids
28. Biosynthesis of Nucleotides
29. Degradation of Nucleotides
30. Biosynthesis of Proteins
31. Protein Targeting and Degradation
32. Genetic code
33. Mineral Metabolism
Part IV: Hormone Biochemistry34. Animal Hormones
35. Plant Hormones
Part V: Nutrition Biochemistry36. Principles of Nutrition
37. Elements of Nutrition
38. Fat-soluble Vitamins
39. Water-soluble Vitamins
Part VI: Analytical Biochemistry40. Biochemical Techniques

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