Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes

Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes

Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes pdf free download

   Author(s): Carlos Pestana  
        Publisher: KAPLAN Medical, Year: 2017

Celebrated for over a decade by medical students, Kaplan 's Dr. Pestana's pocket-sized Surgery Notes is the shelf 's highest-yield surgery review and USMLE Step 2 CK exams.

Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes are designed for portable preparation and fit perfectly into your lab coat, so you can refresh your knowledge in between cases. You will provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date summary integrating recent updates to the medical guidelines, including HIV status, organ donation, urological emergencies, shock diagnosis, pelvic fracture, ARDS, and cardiothoracic surgery.

The Good Lookup:
  • Concise, high-yield examination of key surgical material
  • 180 Self-testing vignettes, updated for more demanding and exam-like practice
  • 10 Brief essays providing an operational perspective on the diagnostic and therapeutic armamentarium tools chosen
  • Features geographic and institutional variations in surgical practice and how the USMLE Phase 2 CK and shelf examinations are likely to resolve these disparities
  • Guidance for Experts
  • Revised and entirely up-to - date material from Dr Carlos Pestana, renowned surgical teacher
  • Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes have helped medical students excel in surgery shelf analysis and USMLE Phase 2 CK for over a decade.
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