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ABC of Sepsis 

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   Author(s): Ron Daniels, Tim Nutbeam   
Publisher: BMJ Books, Year: 2009   

Never before has the importance of prevention and treatment of sepsis been greater. Sepsis alone in the UK leads to more deaths than lung cancer, combined from bowel cancer and breast cancer, and about one third of people suffering from serious sepsis die. Sepsis ABC offers a much-needed introduction and invaluable assistance in through efforts to reduce hospital infection and improve patient health.
While a part of the Foundation Program increasing numbers of junior medical workers practice emergency medicine, critical care and urgent medicine, there is an increasing need to learn the skills required to treat serious sepsis. The editors are active in the Survive Sepsis initiative-created to enhance sepsis awareness, diagnosis and treatment-and are well placed to direct junior doctors, GPs, specialist nurses, critical care nurses and primary care workers through this central component of acute medicine.
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