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Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE pdf free download

   Author(s): Phil Knight  
Publisher: Scribner, Year: 2016 

Phil Knight, who was fresh from business school in 1962, borrowed $50 from his father and founded a corporation with a basic mission: to manufacture high-quality, low-cost athletic shoes. Selling the shoes from his Plymouth hat, Knight spent his first year grossing $8000. Nike's annual revenues today top $30bn. Nike is the ne plus ultra to all start-ups in an era to start-ups and the swoosh has become a groundbreaking, globe-spanning brand, one of the world's most popular and identifiable brands today.

Yet Knight, the man behind the swoosh, remained a mystery all along. Now, he 's told his story for the first time. Candid, humble, wry and gutsy, he starts his moments of crossroads when he decides to start his own business at 24. He describes the many challenges and frustrating obstacles he and his early triumphs stood between him and his goal. He remembers above all how his first team of friends and colleagues quickly developed into a tight-knit family of sisters. Together, harnessing a common mission's transcendent strength and a strong conviction in the spirit of competition, they created a brand that changed all.

A memoir rich with insight, satire and hard-won wisdom, this book is also studded with lessons to create something from scratch, conquer obstacles and eventually leave your mark on the world.
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Book Review:

The story of how a young man, aged 24, excited about athletics thought running shoes could be better made. The idea was his final year University thesis.
With every breakthrough, mostly at the right place at the right time (Phil admits), he was increasingly on the brink of bankruptcy. He recalled how "... the watchers of the industry pointed to ... our sales, and said we were unstoppable. None thought that we were split. "Adidas continuously struggled over poor demand, over-demand, liquidity problems, gangup competition. Phil himself was constantly beating himself up over his poor work-family balance. Talk about offsets.
The team is one of the most significant factors responsible for Nike 's success. These guys were made up of people who didn't really want paychecks and wanted to prove themselves. They tried to convince Americans, then the world, that something positive could come out of Oregun, scratch that, exceptional. It had become a fanatical conviction. Hindsight Power? It could be, but they thought they had a chance.

Yeah, I 'm reminded that a lot of the ones you love the most will die if you live long enough. They 're going to have a lot of heartbreaks. You can't be prepared for those events, no matter how much you try. Since I am the sort of person who writes stories about the success of free trade with Nigeria in mind, I could only read with disgust how Phil kept looking for ways to make Adidas sneakers all over the world and not a wink about Africa. He went from Japan to Taiwan to China, from Japan to England to Ireland. In fact, because of his population of "one billion people, two billion feet," he was so enthusiastic about China (in 1980), that it is obvious that if Nigeria had created incentives, he would have come over.

We are shortchanging with our dreadful attitude towards private enterprise. Too many low fruits that hang to shore up revenue. For Nigerians and Nigeria a couple more lessons but go read it for yourself. Hey, and those china lessons. I'll add one: In 1980, there was almost 20 hours of train travel from Beijing to Shanghai. That's under 5 hours in 2018. Let this soak in! In Nigeria? In reality, "the cowards never began and the poor ones died along the way. It, ladies and gentlemen, leaves us. Us.

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