Pathfinder CDS Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination 2020 - No Cost Library

Pathfinder CDS Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination 2020

 Pathfinder CDS Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination 2020 pdf free download

   Author(s): Frank H. Netter  
Publisher: Elsevier India, Year: 2018  

'Combined Defense Services Examination [CDS] is one of the best opportunities in the lives of candidates studying for military exams, and is held twice a year in February and November by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) to execute officers in the Defense Forces: Indian Army, Indian Navy & Indian Air Force.

The 2020-21 version of 'Pathfinder CDS Entrance Test' is a full self-study guide intended to practice Combined Defense Services Test in its absolute form.

1. Pathfinder CDS Entrance test-recommended in UPSC Guidelines.
2. The Guide to Self Education splits the whole syllabus into 4 main parts
3. Provides 5 Solved Paper from previous years [2019-2017]
4. More than 800 MCQs for quick thread revision
5. Chapter by chapter division of Questions from Previous Years.
6. Questions covered in the book give an in-depth insight into the paper pattern, its types and weighting at the examination.

Packed with such detailed materials for the research, this is a great book to obtain the best advice for the upcoming CDS Entrance Exam to be successful.
CDS Solved Paper 2019 II, CDS Solved Paper 2019 I, CDS Solved Paper 2018 II, CDS Solved Paper 2018 I, CDS Solved Paper 2017 II, Math, General English, General Science, General Studies.

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