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Howkins & Bourne Shaw's Textbook of Gynecology - 17th Edition

  Shaw's Textbook of Gynecology 17th Edition pdf free download 

Author(s):  Kumar S, Sunesh kumar, V. G. Padubidri, Shirish N Daftary   
                                    Publisher: Elsevier India, Year: 2018                                           


The book has a smooth narrative with bulleted focal notes, important box descriptions, well-illustrated text and questions on self-assessment. This is an expanded book with videos and lecture notes on difficult practices to help them perceive, understand and maintain information better

• Thoroughly revamped and modified to reflect the most recent updates and the introduction of a new model.

• Published in a more readily readable narrative way.

• Bulleted text and key highlights / key points for additional focus and preservation in frames.

• Added more flowcharts and colored pictures.

• Covers the entire program in a way that is easy to grasp, remember and reproducible; providing assessment questions that aid in the accelerated examination and planning of exams.

• 13 Examples to help explain issues better.

• 6 Taking notes on the difficult topics.
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Book Review:

Any textbook that enters a fifth edition in exactly the same form , shape and scale as the first edition-which I am lucky enough to have before me when writing this review-must have been deliberately designed with considerable caution. Shaw's initial idea was masterly, and his pupil and successor, John Howkins, and Christopher Hudson, his pupil and successor, in effect, got it correctly. In particular , the new edition represents the experience that all three surgeons have or have had in the treatment of gynaecological cancer, and a brief but very important chapter on radiation and cytotoxic chemotherapy improves their management of the surgical procedures. They have not made the error of making the book into a multi-author volume but have, quite obviously, found support from many colleagues and experts since, as they themselves point out, gynaecological surgery has been partly compartmentalized. The single volume also contains ample knowledge for a tyro surgeon to understand the art he's embarking on and for a seasoned surgeon to return to while considering an procedure he hasn't performed for some time. It's good to see the original ideas from Shaw and the illustrations that he commissioned to still play a useful part, but that's not to say there's anything old-fashioned about this book. If there is one adverse observation to make it is that some of the images do not express the message expected. In their place should be considered drawings which eliminate unnecessary detail. Certainly there will be a sixth edition of this very valuable manual which shows meticulously and adventurously how to operate in gynaecology.

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