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Core Python Programming - 2nd edition

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   Author(s): Wesley J. Chun  
                                    Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr Core Series, Year: 2001                                           

* Looking new to Python? This is the Python Development Guide for the developer! * Learn about Python's core features as well as advanced topics such as regular expressions, multi-threaded programming, Web / Internet and network creation, Tk(inter) GUI creation and more * Contains features included in the latest Python 1.6 and 2.0 releases * CD-ROM: Full Python distributions (source code, documentation, and various binaries) plus all sample scripts in the bookPython. Python combines the power of a compiled object language, such as Java and C++, with a scripting language's ease of use and fast development time. It's syntax is actually so easy to understand that you're more likely to pick it up faster than any of the other popular scripting languages in use today! Within Core Python Programming, Internet software engineer and technical trainer Wesley Chun provides everything they need to know to learn Python-fast to intermediate and experienced developers. Unlike other Core Series books, Core Python Programming offers hundreds of samples and examples of industrial-strength code, other aimed at experienced developers who want to exploit their current skills! Core Python Programming in particular provides several interactive examples which can be entered directly in front of you in the Python interpreter! Finally , we present a chapter that shows you step-by - step how to use C or C++ to extend the Python. * Python syntax and design * Creation and run-time environment * Objects and Python memory management * Regular data types, methods and operators * Loops and conditionals * Files and Input / Output * Exceptions and error handling * Features, scope, arguments and functional programming * Import of modules and module attributes * Object-oriented programming with classes, methods and instances These include support for Unicode string, the new function invocation syntax that allows the caller to provide a tuple of positional arguments and/or keyword argument dictionaries, and the new string methods. We also provide an overview of functionality that can only be found in the latest 2.0 release. Every book of the Core Series: * DEMONSTRATES how to write commercial quality code * FEATURES hundreds of programs and examples! * FOCUSES on the most important features and functions for real developers * Objective PROVIDES, unbiased coverage of cutting-edge technologies-no * hype! Core Python Programming provides: * Documentation of the main sections of the Python language * Real-world perspectives to build Web / Internet, Network, Multithreaded and GUI applications * Tables and charts describing Python modules, built-in features, operators, and attributes * Code samples to try live with Python 's interactive interpreter, hammering the home concepts * Extensive code examples-including.

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