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The ANSI C Programming Language - 2nd Edition

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   Author(s): Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie  
                                    Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Year: 1998                                           

Presents a full reference to base ANSI language C programming. The latest version, written by C developers, helps readers to keep up with C's completed ANSI specification while showing how to exploit C's rich operator collection, language performance, improved control flow, and data structures. This 2nd version was extensively revised to explain the application of complex language structures with additional illustrations and sets of questions.

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Book Review:

Not exactly. First of all, this book is very fantastic. I've known its quality for a long time before I actually sat down to finish it over the weekend but I'm still surprised how well the writers arranged it all.

Still, this book is not a suitable book for beginners to finish. This caveat was originally mentioned by the authors in the preface or in any portion of Introduction. First you will at least be somewhat familiar with programming. Certain parts of the book, such as DCL parsing, are almost impossible for full beginners to get.

I know I should probably leave a pointer at this point to where you should go to start learning programming. Even as someone who has longed in the past for such a simple solution, there is no absolutely precise solution to that. Google everything you can find about programming, and just start there, maybe even some classes at the college. Programming is a very time consuming practice. Reading codes is much less of an obstacle to computer learning than simply writing the code yourself, no matter how dumb the code retrospectively seems. You alter the method.

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