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Short Cases in Surgery - 6th Edition

- Bhattacharya 

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   Author(s): S K Bhattacharya  
                                    Publisher: CBS Publishers, Year: 2017                                           

Short Cases in Surgery, sixth release is, in its current structure, another version and not just a reproduce. The motivation behind this new release continues as before as those of the past versions. The whole content has been completely changed and refreshed. Two new sections, delicate tissue sarcoma, and intestinal stomas have been incorporated. The point of this book is to support the understudies, who are getting ready for qualifying assessments, in promptly getting a handle on the issues of medical procedure the issues they need to handle in their assessments just as in the more extensive world outside the assessment lobbies. 

The fundamental highlights of the book are: 

The vast majority of the careful issues which are all the time acted like 'Short Cases' in assessments have been sufficiently talked about. Every issue has been clarified with contentions from all the three components of clinical information life systems, physiology, and pathology. Likewise, the standards of care activities have been quickly set down, at every possible opportunity. The conversation has been, at whatever point fundamental, plentifully delineated with schematic charts to encourage a simple and prepared comprehension of the subjects. Accuracy is the sign of this book. While no fundamental data or clarification has been forgotten about, the subjects have been introduced in a flawless and pointed design. The book gives essential guides to the prepared restatement of the significant highlights of issues and their answers.

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