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Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT pdf free download

   Author(s): Nishith K Sinha  
                                    Publisher: Pearson Education, Year: 2016                                           

In all the important MBA placement tests , for example, CAT, SNAP, XAT and IIFT, Quantitative Aptitude involves the most testing and conspicuous spot to give some examples. Quantitative Aptitude's latest update for the CAT should help understudies obtain a perfect handle on the CAT's most demanded section.

According to the most recent CAT proof, this variant of the built-up standard hit was reconsidered. This has been designed in such a manner that it improves the considerations process of understudies and allows them to recognize the fundamental parts of the subject matter, to inform the questions presented on each type and varieties and therefore to assist in their settlement. Isolated into 5 modules, topics are discussed in extraordinary detail alongside intensive investigation of the equivalent with the assistance of ideas, tips and procedures. Deliberately surrounding research inquiries with bureaucratic levels of difficulty – Heat up, Base, Intermediate, Advanced will assist undergraduates with acquiring confidence and eventually reach a general significance of the subject matter and perform well in the evaluations.

• 4000 + of inquiries understood
• Demystified CAT check macro review Pet
• Revised Self-assessment Benchmark tests
• New simulation check with the changed level of difficulty-fire up to cutting edge
• Campus Recruitment Special Area Exams
• Previous years' SNAP, XAT, and IIFT papers
5 Field checks-Electronic CAT monitoring program in CD.
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Section 1 

Quantitative Aptitude 

Module 1 Numbers and their Properties 

Part 1 Vedic Mathematics 

Part 2 Number System 

Benchmarking Test 1 

Module 2 Arithmetic 

Part 3 Percentage 

Part 4 Simple Interest and Compound Interest 

Part 5 Profit, Loss and Discount 

Part 6 Average and its Applications
Section 2 

Feline Papers 

Feline 2002 

Feline 2003 

Feline 2004 

Feline 2005 

Feline 2006 

Feline 2007 

Feline 2008 

Section 3 

Other MBA Entrance Papers 

Model SNAP Paper 1 

Model SNAP Paper 2 

Model XAT Paper 1 

Model XAT Paper 2 

Model IIFT Paper 

Section 4 

Segment Tests 

Segment Test 1 

Segment Test 2 

Segment Test 3 

Section 5 

Unique Section for Campus Recruitment Examinations.

Section 7 Ratio, Proportion and Variation 

Section 8 Time and Work 

Section 9 Time, Speed and Distance 

Benchmarking Test 2 

Module 3 X+2 Maths 

Section 10 Basics of Algebra 

Section 11 Equations 

Section 12 Sequence and Series 

Section 13 Function 

Section 14 Graphs and Maxima Minima 

Section 15 Logarithm 

Section 16 Permutation and Combination 

Section 17 Probability 

Benchmarking Test 3 

Module 4 Measurement 

Section 18 Geometry 

Section 19 Mensuration 

Section 20 Coordinate Geometry 

Benchmarking Test 4 

Module 5 Miscellaneous 

Section 21 Set Theory 

Section 22 Statistics 

Section 23 Miscellaneous 

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