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Molecular Biology Techniques: A Classroom Laboratory Manual - 4th Edition

Molecular Biology Techniques: A Classroom Laboratory Manual pdf free download

   Author(s): Susan Carson; Heather Miller; Melissa C. Srougi; D. Scott Witherow  
                                    Publisher: Academic Press  Year: 2019                                           

Molecular Biology Techniques: A Classroom Laboratory Handbook, Fourth Edition is a must-have set of methods and procedures to construct a single, ongoing, systematic experiment that will teach the students basic molecular techniques.

It is an effective approach to integrate experienced students and new beginners

Students use recombinant DNA technologies or methods for gene cloning and expression.

The techniques used in the fundamental science and biotechnology laboratories are discussed in depth.

Students will gain hands-on expertise in subcloning a gene straight through through recombinant protein purification into an expression vector.

Core Properties:
Presents student-tested simulations that have proven useful in actual classroom laboratories
Includes a test bench on a companion website for additional tests and practice
Provides simulations simulating a cloning experiment that will take place in a true science laboratory
Includes a pre-list appendix containing the recipes and catalog numbers needed and providing the staff with detailed guidance

Graduate students can study biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and biotechnology.

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Book Review:

This book is a very useful source for courses in molecular biology and biotechnology which can be adopted. It is also an invaluable guide for researchers starting to work in those fields. This book is unique as compared to other relevant texts.

In presenting the theory and practice in molecular biology techniques, using a single project-based approach. It starts with experiments to establish a gene fusion between the glutathione-S-transferase (gst) gene and the enhanced green fluorescent protein (egfp), and operates on gene expression and protein purification and quantification with other laboratories. This continuing thread of successive, interrelated experiments enables students to understand the rational and practical aspects of molecular analysis well. Readers will be well trained on PCR, gene cloning, and recombinant DNA technology when completing this manual. The new fourth edition also contains additional chapters on gene expression modulation in mammalian cells using RNAi, and Techniques used in CRISPR-Cas9.

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