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   Author(s): Ken Follett  
                                    Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group, Year: 2000                                           

# 1 New York Times top line creator Ken Follett puts his own charging turn on the space race between the U.S. what's more, the Soviet Union in that great Cold War spine chiller. As the clock watches down to a stunning peak, "Code to the brief instant tension of Zero shows that. [Follett] is still a serious narrator" (Entertainment Weekly). Post for Ken's freshest book, A Column of Fire, which is accessible here.

January 1958—the Cold War breaking point and the early space race dawn. On the Cape Canaveral platform sits America's best desire to find the Russians: the satellite Explorer I. Be that as it may, the dispatch is finally deferred due to climate, despite the fact that everyone can see it is a completely radiant day.

The genuine explanation behind the defer rests somewhere in the psyche of a NASA researcher who has woken up that morning to discover that his memory has been completely erased. Realizing just that he's being followed and viewed every step of the way, he should discover his own character's pieces of information before he can find out who's dependable. In any case, the dim mystery they need him to overlook is considerably more and more horrible. A mystery that can crush I-the Explorer, and the future of America.

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Book Review:

Waking up from a hangover on a train station's bathroom floor is hardly an enthralling proposition. Yet doing so is much more uncomfortable with almost no memory of who you are, or how you got there. Unfortunately, that's precisely the predicament Luke, the narrator in the new thriller from Ken Follett, Code to Zero, faces.

Luke is an identityless man, but he possesses skills that no homeless drunk will ever have. He ends a crossword puzzle effortlessly; he has no difficulty in disarming and subduing an aggressive police officer, and he seems to know French. But he doesn't understand who he is.

Set in 1958 for fewer than 48 hours, Code to Zero happens at the height of the American space race with the Soviet Union. Ford Explorer I, America's best hope of catching Soviet Sputnik and regaining the lead in space exploration, the countdown to launch has begun.

As Luke attempts to figure out who he is and why he is valuable enough to have his name wiped, he uncovers long-preserved secrets about four former Harvard friends. The cast of characters is diverse: Anthony Carroll, now director of the newly formed CIA's Technical Services branch; Billie Josephson, a genius scholar at Georgetown Mind Hospital; Bern Rothstein, Billie's ex-husband, now a famous author, and a longtime friend and Luke's rival; and Luke 's wife Elspeth, whom he has no recollection of.

Time is running out for Luke to reclaim his identity. He suspects what everyone wants him to forget, and he discovers that the secret to getting his life back together is something tied to the rocket at Cape Canaveral that is about to fly.

The speaker demonstrates a strong interpretation of the American language and history. Many readers may not be conscious that Follett is British, so they wouldn't believe it after reading Code to Zero.

By writing taut, well-written thrillers, Follett has made a name for himself and Code to Zero is no exception.

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