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Atharva Veda Samhitha

Atharva Veda Samhitha - No Cost Librarypdf free download

   Author(s): William Dwight Whitney  
 Publisher: Harward University, Year: 1905


Atharva - Veda means 'the Atharvan Veda' or 'the knowledge of the Divine Answer.' Hence the term meaning 'fire priest' originally dates back to the Indo-Iranian period. This is a compilation of 731 hymns that is best held in the recension, containing about 6,000 verses. The great significance of the Atharva — Veda Samhita lies precisely in the fact that it is an essential source of knowledge of the real common belief still uninfluenced by the priestly faith, of the belief of innumerable angels, imps, devils, and demons of all sorts, and of the witchcraft, so eminently significant to ethnology and theological background.

First, this article includes valuable notes on the text, which include the various readings of the manuscripts, not only those collated by Whiney in Europe but also those of the instruments used by S. P. Pandit in the great Bombay edition; second, the readings of the Paippalada version of Cashmere, furnished by the late Professor Roth; further, note of the related passages of all the other Vedic scriptures, with a summary of the different readings; details of the Hindu scholastic concerning the title, divinity, and meter of each verse; even references to the ancillary literature, in particular to the w.
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