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The Quantum Doctor: A Physicist's Guide to Health and Healing 

   Author(s): Amit Goswami  
                 Publisher: Jaico Publishing House, Year: 2018             

For quantum physicist Amit Goswami, medicine is a timely area of application for the new science based on the primacy of consciousness. This new science has a spectacular ability to integrate conventional science, spirituality, and healing. If any field needs integration, says Goswami, it is medicine and healing.
Goswami boldly reinterprets the leading methods of alternative medicine -- homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and conventional medicine in this new edition of his popular book. He shows how these seemingly different models can be combined into a new system of integrative medicine and offer profound insights into the relationship between physics and consciousness.
This approach offers physicians and patients a whole new way of applying healthcare with a greater potential for healing and could be the basis for a major paradigm shift in medicine.
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