Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology -18th Edition

Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

   Author(s): V V Pillay  
                                    Publisher: Paras Medical Publishers, Year: 2017                                           

The front page of the book shows the face of Death- skull in fire. We all know Death is inevitable, unavoidable, not to be feared. Sudden Deaths outside the Hospital is potential medicolegal case & Sudden Deaths inside the Hospital is potential medical negligence suit.

This book deal with all aspects of death of patient - it may be death due to trauma or poisoning, sudden deaths due to medical emergencies, death due to medical negligence by wrong drug, wrong dose, wrong route or wrong surgical procedure.

Book has thoroughly described autopsy findings in death in various medical aspects - death due to roadside trauma, assault, attempt to kill, suicidal attempt, accidental deaths, deaths due to negligent care, deaths in mass casualties & terrorist attacks & how to document them inappropriate legal words to procure justice, corroborating evidence.

The case histories & true stories mentioned in the book will shock the reader about how cunningly criminals kill innocents in cold-blooded manner & how the forensic experts solved the cases & brought justice to the victims by innovative scientific means.

Illustrations in the book include movie posters, attracting budding doctors to read the medical facts just like reading newspapers casually. Mnemonics & Tables made concepts easy to recall & revise during exams.

Medicolegal issues in taking consent in toxicology is the most controversial topic discussed in detail in the book.

No other book in toxicology describes so logically to save the life of poisoned patients, serving the basic motto of learning toxicology to save the lives from knives of the autopsy.

Even if one can be saved from dying in one thousand poisoning cases, by using antidotes as simply mentioned in the book, all the forensic community will feel benefited for society.

The text presentation is lucid & critical & the discourse has been made digestive & conclusive. The extensive synopsis & copious index will facilitate easy & quick reference.

Movie posters in different chapters of the book, let us recall the fantasy created in stories by adding forensic aspects into the climax to create the hypnotizing effect to the audience, which is why the reader gets the thrill to reconnect & realize the importance of commercial relevance of Medicolegal issues utilized by the film industry to turn the reel of the screenplay into real-life scenario happening around us in every corner of the world during the performance of criminal act.

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