Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students - DM Vasudevan - 7th Edition - No Cost Library

Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students - DM Vasudevan - 7th Edition

Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students - DM Vasudevan - 7th Edition

   Author(s): D. M. Vasudevan, S. Sreekumari, Kannan Vaidyanathan
                                    Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, Year: 2013                                           

The seventh edition of this book is an comprehensive guide to medical students on biochemistry. The book is divided into six parts and discusses in-depth subjects relating to the chemical fundamentals of life, physiology, clinical and applied biochemistry, diet, molecular biology and hormones. Additional chapters have been added to this version and there are specific case studies in each chapter to help students appreciate the clinical significance. This contains a 274-page free booklet of preparation assignments, including essay questions, brief notes, viva voce and multiple choice questions to help students prepare for their test. There's also free online access to additional clinical events, main ideas and an picture library. Key points * Completely updated, new edition providing a comprehensive biochemistry guide to students * Includes a free booklet of revision exercises and free online access * Highly illustrated with almost 1500 figures, pictures, tables and illustrations * Previous edition published in 2010

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Book Review:

Biochemistry textbook for medical students including Long and Short Essay Type Questions, MCQs and Case Studies written by DM Vasudevan and Kannam Vidyanathan, published by Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, 4838/24, Ansari Road, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi, 110002, India, covers the entire syllabus in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Medical Council of India (MCI) for teaching in Biocchemistry New eighth edition of this book is thoroughly updated by DM Vasudevan & Kannam Vidyanathan, it now contains the entire syllabus of questions recommended for the UG and PG courses by the Medical Education and Technology Division of the Medical Council of India. The book presents a detailed and reliable exposition of the basic biochemical principles and applications.

 While intended for the undergraduate student as a simple textbook, it has content material for postgraduates and advanced learners in biochemistry, medicine, and para-medical courses. The topics are designed in a way that allows the student to improve critical skills as well as improves learning based on memories. Each chapter starts at a glance with chapter that provides a bird's eye view of the subject, thereby promoting clearer comprehension of the topic through these learning objectives. Lesson points, Essay and Short Note Questions, MCQs, and Viva Voce Questions were given at the end of each segment. It is of considerable benefit to students studying for numerous competitive exams in India and abroad including USMLE, PLAB, and All India MD / MS entry exams. The book discusses thoroughly the basic biochemical processes and molecular structures of body work. Clear flow maps make it easier to grasp, while the diagrams, graphs, clinical explanations, frames, illustrations and tests illustrate the core text principles. The vast number of reproducible full-length color diagrams makes it possible to physically understand the diverse metabolic pathways. 

The tables are structured in such a way that the substance of the chapter is presented in a nutshell, making for a simple review before the test. Numerous line diagrams are presented in an elegant two-color format to explain the principles and help the students understand their meaning. Medical biochemistry systems are explored using expanded descriptions and clinical cases. The summaries of the chapters help to develop a concise review and to contribute to effective learning. At the end of each subject key points were outlined and boxed for fast revision of the core concepts. This book has its own essence, both in nature and content, that is certainly different from a number of already existing Medical Biochemistry textbooks. Printing has been expanded and color schemes have been modified to make it more eye-smooth. 

The author has effectively fulfilled the criteria of an ambitious student-centered and need-based program and assembled it in the correct proportion with specific facets of fundamental, functional, and clinical topics applicable to health sciences. The "how and why" of health conditions is not only targeted at unraveling fundamental simple processes, but rather at posing questions and seeking answers reminds us of another form of constructive study rather than sitting in big books. Further focus in this version is to systematize presentation to making reading relaxing to gratifying by removing unnecessary information, inserting new data and statistics, enhancing earlier statistics, supplementing data with simple flowcharts to follow, without altering the book's basic structure. The questions have been framed in such a way that they cover almost all of the questions that are routinely asked in viva vice.

The answers given in the book would certainly get really good marks if carefully trained by students and submitted in examinations. Journal, price printing, and getup are world class. The book is an excellent book for our UG students and would also support citizens in advance of their own review for their realistic instruction of UGs and for their timely revision. The book is widely recommended for educating MBBS, MD, MSc and paramedical students in Biochemistry.

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