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Pharmacology: Prep Manual for Undergraduates - 3rd Edition

   Author(s): Tara Shanbag, Smita Shenoy  
                                         Publisher: Elsevier India, Year: 2015                                           
The Prep Manual for Undergraduates now, more relevantly named Pharmacology for Medical Graduates, Third Edition incorporates huge extension and update of the current Second Edition.

The style and introduction structure have been kept up - basic graphs, plain as day stream diagrams, tables, and understudy well-disposed memory aides. Some new points like intellectual enhancers, CNS energizers, Drugs for the treatment of Psoriasis and Acne vulgaris have been presented. Definitions, treatment plans according to WHO (for tuberculosis, infection, intestinal sickness, HIV), RNTCP (for TB) rules, and characterization of circulatory strain according to JNC, 2003 rules have been incorporated and we recognize the equivalent. This broadly modified-release will be helpful for the understudies of medication as well as for rehearsing specialists.

Remarkable Features :

  • Arrangement dependent on the example which is trailed by the inspectors in surrounding inquiries in the tests both hypothesis and Practical. 
  • Refreshed substance with the expansion of new medications 
  • Expansion of new flowcharts, Figures and tables to encourage speedy learning and more prominent maintenance of information 
  • A particular portrayal of medications under short headings makes it straightforward. 
  • Straightforward and point-wise introduction of data, helpful for test going UG understudies. 
  • Enhancing content with basic outlines, plain as day stream graphs, tables, and understudy inviting mental helpers.

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