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Physiotherapy In Neuro Conditions - 5th Edition

Physiotherapy In Neuro-Conditions  5th Edition
   Author(s): Glady Samuel Raj  
                                 Publisher: Jaypee Brothers, Year: 2006                                          
In the newly emerging specialized field of neurophysiotherapy this book provides essential information in one concise volume an expert's evidence-based knowledge for practical application and ready reference. Patients sustaining a neurological injury from brain or spinal cord injury, stroke or a disease process like multiple sclerosis require neurophysiotherapy treatment. This book provides detailed information on working with neurological movement disorders both in adult and pediatric with a theoretical basis for clinical practice. It will enhance the physiotherapist's awareness of client management and adult provide a framework to develop evidence-based practice. It includes all the common neurological conditions treated by physiotherapist. This book is intended to serve undergraduates in physiotherapy.It contains up-to-date information with all recent advances made in the field of neurophysiotherapy. It will help to memories for reproduction with ease and comfort in exams.
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