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Manipal Manual Of Surgery 4th Edition

Manipal Manual Of Surgery 4th Edition

   Author(s): Rajgopal Shenoy, Anitha Shenoy  
                                    Publisher: CBS Publishers, Year: 2017                                           

This is the completely revised, thoroughly rewritten and carefully updated edition of the popular Manual, especially aimed at the undergraduate medical students. The limited time-frame available to the undergraduate students makes it necessary for them to be able to read a good comprehensive book reliably, and this edition fully meets just that requirement. The book presents the entire information necessary for undergraduate students in an easy-to-read format, which helps in long-term retention. The theory behind the practice of surgery is covered in a simple manner. The plethora of clinical photographs, colour graphics, flowcharts, tables, key boxes and algorithms lucidly explains the facts given in the text and will help even the postgraduate students of surgery and practising surgeons. Clinical notes, wisdom lines, most interesting and most common and ten commandments are the highlighting features of the Manual. Multiple-choice questions have been added which will help the students not only in MBBS examinations but also in postgraduate examinations.

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