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Textbook of Pharmacology - Padmaja Udaykumar - 2nd Edition

Textbook of Pharmacology - Padmaja Udaykumar - 2nd Edition

   Author(s): Padmaja UdayKumar  
                                    Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, Year: 2007                                           

Pharmacology is a increasingly increasing subject matter. To keep pace with this, pharmacology books need to be regularly updated. The book has been thoroughly revised, with appropriate additions, deletions and adapted to a dental student's needs. The importance of the subject to a dentist has been highlighted in regard to the input provided, wherever appropriate. Additional estimates, maps and tables have been added and the book is written in various colours, making it more student-friendly. Within the question papers, several universities have implemented 'Compare and Contrast' among similar drugs. Consequently a sequence of 'Compare and Contrast' was offered in all applicable chapters. Keeping in mind the pressure on students, attempts were made to include only the items required and prune the unused ones. As required by some colleges a chapter on emergencies in dental practice has been added. The book's first edition was titled 'Short Textbook of Pharmacology for Dental and Allied Health Sciences' and was renamed Textbook of Pharmacology for the Dental and Allied Health Sciences in the second edition. I hope the book makes the pharmacology of studying a pleasurable experience.. 
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Book Review:

Dr Padmaja Udaykumar's textbook 'Medical Pharmacology,' Professor and Head of Pharmacology at Fr. In a period of 9 years Muller Medical College, Mangalore has reached its fourth edition indicating that the author commands strong readership. Within this updated version it is laudable to retain a descriptive, student oriented style. They also added more than 25 new flow maps. Many of the things worth noting are basic colour schemes and flow charts that grab the eye and are convenient for readers to understand and replicate. 

Tables such as Techniques for increasing the length of opioid activity [Table 2.5], Compilation of some valuable examples on pp. 55-57, Applications of adrenergic agonists [Table 10.2], Wound diagnosis [Table 43.2], Causative agents for pathogens, causes and superinfection therapy [Table 43.3], Therapeutic applications of estrogens and progestin [Table 62.1], and some widely used toxic compounds [Table 43.3]. Some of the book's other features that catch your attention are yellow 'key boxes' which describe points that are not discussed in the text but are important for learners to know. Boxes with colorful names 'Scientific Pharmacology' aim to illustrate scientific and practical aspects of illness drug treatment. Both sections and chapters jointly reflect well the undergraduate pharmacology within each section.

 There is also a lack of information in critical descriptions at certain sites. The concept of membrane transporters in the general section of pharmacology, pharmacovigilance in the chapter on adverse drug reactions, hypertension combination therapy are conspicuous by their lack. The boxes of 'comparison and contrast' are well-prepared except for some that seem unimportant and occupying space that might be better utilized by other useful matter. Lignocaine and morphine, nalidixic acid and ciprofloxacin, atropine and scopolamine, and digoxin and digitoxin are some examples. Lastly, the green colored boxes with a brief description of drug related cases aimed at highlighting some important home take message for prescription practices and drug therapy, are very relevant case descriptions and to the point. Some of them, however, lead to prescription errors and become less important in the chapter they are put on. If listed under drug errors they will serve better function. Overall, the book has several characteristics that will inspire readers to pick up the book and own it, is concise and accessible to graduate students.

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