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Textbook of Human Anatomy, Volume 2: Abdomen and Lower Limb 

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   Author(s): Vishram Singh    
                                    Publisher: Elsevier India, Year: 2014                                           


The abdomen is the lower part of the trunk below the diaphragm. Its walls surround a large cavity called the abdominal cavity. The abdominal cavity is much more extensive than what it appears from the outside. It extends upward deep to the costal margin up to the diaphragm and downward within the bony pelvis. Thus, a considerable part of the abdominal cavity is overlapped by the lower part of the thoracic cage above and by the bony pelvis below. The abdominal cavity is subdivided by the plane of the pelvic inlet into a larger upper part, i.e., the abdominal cavity proper, and a smaller lower part, i.e., the pelvic cavity. Clinically the term abdominal cavity stands for abdominal cavity proper.
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