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SRB’s Manual of Surgery - 6th Edition

   SRB’s Manual of Surgery - 6th Edition pdf free download
Author(s): M Sriram Bhat     
                                    Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, Year: 2016                                           

  • This manual was updated and upgraded by the author with considerable dedication.
  • Recent grading and staging of malignant conditions is addressed where possible along with the current trend in therapeutic modalities.
  • AJCC 2018, Staging System 8th edition, is introduced.
  • Brief surgical techniques were given for the related surgeries.
  • Recent new ideas are introduced, as are management.
  • Included are exclusive 3000 original clinical self-explanatory images and diagrams related to the topics.
  • Where necessary, surgical anatomy was incorporated.
  • New fitting tables, boxes and special-point diagrams are inserted at appropriate locations.
  • Design, formatting, and fonts are rearranged according to the needs of the students.
  • Three font sizes are used to better understand the students, namely- 10pt, 9pt and 8. 5pt important subjects are kept in font size 10pt remember, 9pt notes boxes, tables and other subjects are in 8. References from regular books and papers have been taken 5pt.
  • Text material adequately covered for exam-going undergraduates, postgraduate entrance exams, and surgical practitioners to meet their needs.
  • Bestseller at overseas

Book Review:

This fifth edition, some 1300 pages long, is a comprehensive textbook for the entire field of surgery to undergraduate restorative understudies. The book discusses approaches to surgical clutter in all contexts of the body and provides discussion of surgical life systems. Growing theme was completely overhauled and extended to include the incredible latest results in the claim to fame. The new publication is clearly illustrated, with nearly 3000 clinical photographs and statistics. For through chaos the key visible signs are shown in boxes with different shaded colors. Key points Comprehensive textbook for the final field of surgery for undergraduate surgical study A thoroughly revised and extended fifth edition with various new topics Widely delineated with approximately 3000 clinical images Previous update published in 2012

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