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Parsons’ Diseases of the Eye - 

22nd Edition

Parsons’ Diseases of the Eye - Ramanjit Sihota, Radhika Tandon
   Author(s): Ramanjit Sihota, Radhika Tandon
                                    Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2015                                           
 Description: A trusted textbook for undergraduate students for more than 100 years, which also caters to the basic needs of postgraduate students and practitioners.

The book was first published in 1907, and on account of its clear and friendly presentation style as well as its authoritative coverage of ocular disorders, it quickly became a fundamental text for students. Since then the book has maintained its popularity with students through regular revisions and updates.

The 19th edition of this book was especially adapted to the context of the Indian subcontinent with a special mention about the infections that occur predominantly in this region. The 22nd edition continues this trend by presenting unparalleled guidance on nearly every ophthalmic condition and procedure, including the latest advances in the field, making the book more comprehensive and contemporary.

• Inclusion of Important Points to Remember at the end of the book
• Addition of new clinical photographs, flowcharts, and tables to facilitate quick learning
• Extensively revised and updated edition
• Reader-friendly version with the information highlighted in points, flow charts and tables
• Information provided to help prepare for PG entrance and other competitive examinationsDownload Free Books

Book Review:
A concise handbook by Parson has acted as a ready guide to the English-speaking ophthalmologist for many decades. Pending updates maintained its practicality.

Now the SurgeonOculist has perspicuously edited this scientific "standard" to the Queen of England. From the eversion of the lid and the use of typhoid vaccine fever treatment to the use of alphachymotrypsin in cataract surgery, the key aspects of clinical ophthalmology have provided the discerning, evaluative analysis of the editor; each is discussed in a pithy, descriptive and systematic manner. Of example a large section is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of motility disorders.

This edition continues the legacy of its predecessors as a preferred textbook for ophthalmology students as well as general practitioners or pediatricians with ophthalmological concerns ....

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