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Manual of Practical Medicine 

Manual of Practical Medicine - R.Alagappan
   Author(s): R.Alagappan    
                                    Publisher: Jaypee Medical Publishers, Year: 2010                                          
 Description: Manual of Practical Medicine provides the basic principles of clinical examination in addition to detailed history taking. The firm foundation in clinical methods will help the physicians in arriving at a provisional diagnosis and in planning relevant necessary investigations to confirm the diagnosis. The common and important clinical disorders are described in detail along with relevant investigations and updated management. New diagrams, tables, and radiological images have been added in all the chapters.
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Book Review:

This book is written for students and practitioners of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The book provides us with a comprehensive package of internal medicine clinical methods and principles including essential investigations and common medical emergency management. There are illustrations in the book to explain the methods of eliciting clinical signs at appropriate sections. The readers definitely will benefit from the lucid description given in the book about different aspects of medicine.

The book 's cost is not mentioned therefore the affordability can not be commented on. Postgraduates and physicians have not cited the references for further reading. For medical students, postgraduates and medical libraries this book is recommended.

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