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                        Author(s): Chetan Bhagat                              
                                    Publisher: Rupa Publications, Year: 2014                                            
Quite a long time ago, there was a Bihari kid called Madhav. He began to look all starry eyed at a young lady called Riya. Madhav didn't communicate in English well. Riya did. Madhav needed a relationship. Riya didn't. Riya simply needed kinship. Madhav didn't. Riya recommended a trade off. She consented to be his half-sweetheart. From the creator of the blockbuster books Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center, The 3 Mistakes of My Life, 2 States and Revolution 2020 goes to a basic and excellent romantic tale that will contact your heart and rouse you to pursue your fantasies.
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Book Review:
'Half Girlfriend"s cover page doesn't express much nor offers you plot tips. The title itself would of course keep you excited and keen to read the book. We can see a girl walking away with defiance and a boy attempting to convince her to discourage her, as if telling her to stay. Well, that occurs much of the time in the novel, only after reading the book can you realize that the cover page was trying to express the book's spirit. Yet, the storyline has a lot more to it. Lots of towered structures can be seen on the horizon, this suggests the story takes place in some area. Okay, the village still has a lot about it. The title of the book, written in legible and readable white letters 'half girlfriend' can be found between the boy and girl.

You will find Hindi alphabets lying scattered at the bottom slot. It gives us a hint that the vocabulary has something to do with the story's storyline. Right at the top you will see the author's initials, 'CHETAN BHAGAT' is written in bold letters, the exact spot where his initials will be.

Overall, the cover page is too clever to express a lot of information about the story, and plain enough to give you hint and keep you waiting before you read this fascinating flick's last paragraph.

Type – Suspense

What's that this Half Girlfriend?

Half Girlfriend is Madhav Jha and Riya Somani's half, albeit one-sided love story. The one sided lover is Madhav. Riya Somani seems to be the stone-hearted half in the tale of love but it is not so. As a conservative and 'less-open-up-and-less-expressive' type of character, we can not consider her part of love to have been absent, but that was not expressed until favorable circumstances prevail at the climax when she fully admits to be in love with Madhav Jha.

The tale starts with 'Madhav Jha' handing over some 'handwritten' journals crafted by his 'half mother' and the 'allegedly deceased' Riya Somani to the protagonist 'Chetan Bhagat' who plays in the plot himself. After initial pause, Chetan Bhagat reads the newspapers and is surprised to learn certain stuff that he actually feels Madhav's 'out of thought tank!' The next morning, he calls upon Madhav and asks him to show his 'half girlfriend' story.

Madhav Jha, from Dumraon, a remote position in Bihar is enrolled under sports quota at Stephen 's college in Delhi. Riya Somani, a 'wealthy Delhian' falls under the same quota at the same institution. Another thing they have in common is basketball. Before entering college, they all first meet at the basketball court, because they had to prove they justified their quota. Both get impressed with each other's basketball skills, but Madhav is impressed with yet another thing, 'Riya Somani,' while on the feminine side it's not the same. For Madhav it is nearly 'love at first sight.'

There were still some items that didn't fit between them-

Riya was urban, Madhav a rural one,

Riya was presentive and wealthy, Madhav, though he came from a royal family 'once upon a time,' prince by blood, but he was not wealthy or princely.

Riya was English and Madhav was 'anti-English,' the misunderstanding being that he did not fit English or English, so he was not only hesitant to speak English, the metropolitan language that weighed your values, but he was also naive and allergic to them.

Madhav quickly made 'mathematical and chemical relationships within his mind' and Riya was conservative, taking time to 'casually' get along with people

Madhav was taking 'learning sociology' and Riya was taking 'learning English'

A few experiences, most headed and led by Madhav, made Riya and Madhav a 'likable combination.' Madhav made Riya believe that 'I like you and you like me too, obviously.'

Madhav saw his male hormones grow to uncontrollable heights though he couldn't imagine more about kissing Riya or beyond that with Riya. While Riya knows what Madhav desires, she avoids several of his efforts to touch her and to become romantic in believing that it could be an act of curiosity or 'emerging youth' that is normal in a quiet way. Did she know nothing that he was 'obsessed with touch' and determined their relationship by it? Within the 4 walls of '100 Aurangazeb' her wealthy bungalow in the wealthiest corner of Delhi, she is fed up with the 'artificial shimmer of wealth without love and affection' offered by her posh and affluent kin. She just wanted to get a true mate. The distinction was that Riya saw a true friend in Madhav and nothing more, she was hesitant to engage in relationships, and aside from loving her, Madhav was 'kiss obsessed.' He disguised and clouded his true love with his' Why can't we kiss? 'Attitude which irritated Riya every now and then because that was Madhav's only trending subject whenever she was with her.

Either she lets him kiss her or the kiss happens by mistake (read it as Madhav forced). As Madhav 's therapy collection of friend's suggestions to him to be manlier with Riya, the fascination goes beyond boundaries. Madhav goes one step ahead and he loses calm when Riya opposes his obsession, and calls filthy words which hurt Riya. They broke up.

Madhav tries to counsel her and apologise but in vain. One day, Riya hands her wedding card to him and invites him to her wedding with 'her once on a time Rakhi brother' and a wealthy business magnet from India's shore and an old 'family friend' Rohan. Riya avoids learning, and marries Rohan. Madhav finishes his studies and refuses a decent job of making himself available in his village to look after a school's wellbeing 'without minimal amenities' run by his Queen (once upon a time) mother. Madhav enjoys a warm welcome back home where, in the middle of his protests, the prince of Dumraon is 'crowned,' but with them nothing royal is left out!!

Time passes and easily disappears ....

Madhav is attending school events with his mother despite 'regular episodes of his reflections and memories of Riya.' One day he finds out from a local minister that the tech king 'Bill Gates' will be meeting with his team at several locations in Bihar. Madhav provides an chance to bring Bill Gates and his team to Dumraon to visit his school when he is told that if Gates Foundation is pleased with its social service in rural areas to operates a small school, educating about 700 children almost like charity, they might provide big funds to develop the school. Madhav gets a Gates Foundation clearance that Bill will be visiting his school. But the condition is that Madhav will make a 'impressive ENGLISH speech' in front of Gates and his base, and bag the deal in his favor, a language that had always been a nightmare for him.

Madhav has two months and wants to beat his blues by enrolling himself in a 'English coaching class' at Patna, Bihar 's capital. Once again, at Patna, he meets Riya Somani who is now divorced from Rohan, the reasons she does not reveal. Yet Madhav, obsessed with Riya Somani and his unfulfilled kiss story, is pleased that fate has offered him a second chance to get close to Riya. Riya coaches Madhav and teaches him to give 'right speech in English' to attract Gates.

In the D-day, when Madhav gave a excellent speech and bagged to his school a lot of dollars from Gates Foundation, Riya vanished without a hint from Madhav 's life. She unexpectedly left a letter to Madhav saying that she was diagnosed with cancer and is going to die in a couple of days and that she wants to spend her 'time before death' in isolation and not bother anybody. She also reveals she 'd always loved Madhav. He is attempting to hunt her down but in vain.

The 'Riya written journals' handed over to Madhav by Chetan Bhagat reveals the dark secrets of Riya 's life, her traumatized childhood, her uneven relationships with her family, the way she hated and broke with Madhav, her marriage and break-up circumstances with Rohan, her visit to Dumraon, her discussions with his queen mother and how his mother forced her to stay away from Madhav and everything He also gets a hint that Riya faked her illness and death, and that she is still alive.

Madhav takes a wild guess that Riya went to America because she always dreamed of performing in a New York restaurant.

By advice from the Bill Gates Foundation, he succeeds to get an apprentice at UNO and spends 3 months with his friend Shailesh (at the latter home). In free time he scans every bar where concerts of 'live music' take place.

Does Riya Somani hunt down Madhav?

Does the love story about Madhav end up sad or with a happy note?

Will Riya embrace love for Madhav?

The remainder of the story provides the answers to those questions.

The novel's stars

The plot revolves around the two leading stars, Madhav Jha and Riya Somani

Jha Madhav-

He is an fascinating figure. He is an obsessed lover who needs love's absolute like 'kiss,' 'heart' and much more and has no true definition of 'good love.' By these words he describes affection, and the ability to gain them. He 's got a ghost stalking him, in French. He is fascinated with basketball as he has led Bihar in tournaments at the state level.

He has a curious friendship with Riya Somani, the one he loves. Because she is a wealthy princess and he realizes that the contrast between him and her rank and way of life is 'hell and heaven,' he is content on finding chances to kiss her, and he feels people will love her. It's also a reality he loves Riya up to heights and depths, there's no question about it. But the trouble is that he needs to kiss it, and Riya is hesitant to have relationships that go to that level. This causes 'equation imbalance and the way partnerships are always looked at.'

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