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   Author(s): Richard Drake; A Wayne Vogl; Adam W M Mitchell    
                                    Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2019                                           
Easy to read, superbly illustrated, and clinically relevant, Gray’s Anatomy for Students, 4th Edition, is medical students’ go-to text for essential information in human anatomy. This fully revised volume focuses on the core information students need to know, in an easy-access format and with additional multimedia tools that facilitate effective study and mastery of the material. A team of expert authors and global advisors share their extensive teaching and clinical experience, highlighted by more than 1,000 innovative, original illustrations throughout the text.
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Book Review:

The new edition of this textbook on the market, written by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone, is 'Gray's Anatomy for Students 3rd Edition.' His birth was in 2014, and since the first edition which hit the shelves in 2004, his predecessors' tradition of simplifying anatomy has been continuing.

There is much that needs to be explained before dissecting and stripping this anatomy textbook all the way down to its bare bones (pun intended). 'Gray's Anatomy for Students' is the paragliding concept that covers both the third and foreign editions. The former is primarily distributed in the U.S., but not exclusively, while the other, 'Gray's Anatomy for Students International Version' addresses non-U.S. countries but is not limited to them. Aside the front cover and certain slight visual elements, both models are similar with respect to the details provided. The disparity lies mostly in the demand and it can impact just the pockets.

The first section of this textbook begins with a brief introduction to basic anatomical terminology and various techniques of medical imaging, which are used in the book. When you're new to anatomy this is a perfect first step stone and it's a smart idea to read this section before diving into more detailed anatomy topics. Terms such as anterior , posterior, lateral and medial are the bread and butter of an anatomist; having these put into your brain first will aid tremendously later as you learn more concise language.

Grey 's Graduate Anatomy (contents)

The curriculum is arranged regionally, with detailed units on the following:

Lower extremity
Mid Maximum
Nose and eyes
Can unit is further broken down into:

Conceptual summary-These are start-friendly and should connect you to the region's main features and functions.
Nevertheless, this segment goes into more detailed anatomy. The text is very descriptive and succinct, it avoids waffles and explains in clear detail intricate anatomical relationships-without excessively complicated topics! The diagrams are very simple and provide you with several views of each location, which beautifully complement the text.
Surface Anatomy-Which explains anatomy without dissection and can be observed. This branch of anatomy is not found in most anatomy textbooks in great depth, and inclusion in 'Gray's Anatomy for Students' may be particularly helpful if you are a student in medicine or physiotherapy.
There are small information boxes 'In the Lab' scattered around the textbook that describe some of the pathologies involved with the anatomical structures being examined. This feature might not be helpful if you are learning pure anatomy, but if you are a medical student it is certainly a bonus, particularly because many anatomy textbooks aren't always clinically focused!

Unlike other textbooks on the market, 'Gray's New Edition Anatomy for Students' comes in many types. The most popular option, the paperback edition, ranges from $58 USD all the way up to around $94 USD, depending on the book rank and the discounts on sale. The eBook edition can also be downloaded online, from $41 USD all the way up to $85 USD. 'Gray's Anatomy for Students International Version,' though, has a little trick up its sleeve-a price of about $40 USD.

You get an extra surprise for this textbook too. 'Gray's Student Anatomy' is accompanied by a 'Student Consult' that can quench your appetite for additional knowledge through 77 embryology and anatomy modules as well as medical cases. Neither is the clinical aspect of this subject neglected, clinical cases are also included along with various types of images, such as radiological ones. Review questions are also available to test your knowledge and to really drill all the information into your head, thereby helping to retain it for a long time.

Illustrations and style - 'Third edition of Gray's Anatomy for Students' has a very vivid and simple look. Just look at the images-some stretch up to a whole page! This, along with the creative use of diagrams and graphical images by the author, makes this textbook really visually attractive, which will be very helpful to you, particularly if you are inclined to visual learning.
Grey 's Student Anatomy-Sample
Grey's Students Anatomy (sample page)

Friendly Beginner-The organization and language used is friendly to beginners, but the information and details given are by no means basic. There is a good compromise in offering ample information, without making it too complex.
Medical content and surface anatomy-They are included in each chapter and they are characteristics not included in other textbooks on anatomy. You clarify every single mark, hump and groove that is noticeable on your face, and add to the detail you are gaining an additional layer of clinical experience. 'Gray's Anatomy for Students 3rd edition' will actually cross the box for everyone, from students of anatomy to medical experts looking to catch up on their anatomy.
Student assessment-Additional information of anatomy and embryology, additional clinical events and questions for study. Show me someone who does not want this kind of supplementary details without the need to pay extra money.
International Edition-The same volume, except for a fraction of the size. What's wrong with the 'Gray 's Anatomy for Foreign Students Edition'?
No neuroanatomy-Sadly, neuroanatomy is not covered in this textbook, so you will have to find out a different textbook for this subject. It is a shame, because neuroanatomy for students to learn can be quite a intimidating branch of anatomy, and the simple drawings and detailed text in this book would have been perfect for teaching this troublesome subject.
Lack of details - One downside of this book is that while the images and drawings in 'Gray's Anatomy for Students' are simple and vivid, they do not necessarily include the same amount of clarity as the underlying text or the images of other textbooks. They will help you survive but you certainly need an atlas to complete your comprehension and bring more meat to the bones in this textbook.
Price-While copies used, coupons and the international edition make this book more financially available, a strong price tag also comes with it. The eBook edition doesn't actually make the matter easier because it's really close to the paperback size, and all the portability and internet access comes at a charge.
Resource exposure-Do you know any of the extra embryological information, clinical events, and online questions provided for review? If you don't buy the textbook itself, everything is a fairytale and you're back at square one.
Tall, dense, and hard-You definitely don't want to hear these three words when you want to take a reference book for your lectures and studies on anatomy with you. 'Gray's Anatomy for Students Latest Edition' can certainly make you feel like the day is dragging, at 1192 pages and 2.6 kgs.
Textbook-This is, as you can see, a textbook (duh!), so you have to read all the words to grasp it. Although the book is packed with large drawings and strikes the right balance between fundamentals and specifics, reading can get boring after many hours of doing it. Check out the segment on duodenum:

It seems completely doable at a glance, particularly because 'Gray's Anatomy for Students' uses broad drawings and easy-to-understand descriptions, but how straightforward do you really believe it is after reading those pages for a few hours? That no longer sounds like fun, right? The option will be to lie back and chill and enjoy a duodenum web demonstration.

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