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Ghai Essential Pediatrics 9th Edition

Ghai Essential Pediatrics, 9th pdf free download

Author(s): Vinod K Bagga, Arvind Paul

Publisher: CBS Publishers, Year: 2018    

Ghai Essential Paediatrics 2018, 9 th Edition covers diagnosis and treatment associated with child health care. This book is written and published by renowned and proficient child health care experts and serves as a reliable knowledge resource for students of Paediatrics, both graduate and undergraduate. For over 25 years the book has been setting a benchmark in terms of imparting knowledge in Paediatrics Health and Education sector.

This book is the result of mixed effort of over thirty experts across the world. Rewritten and revised, the 8th edition consists of new research findings, clearer illustrations and more detailed explanations. The book emphasizes on evidence-based illness management and learning practical techniques to provide proper health care and treatment to children.
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Book Reviews:
We shared in this post an overview and download link of J's Essential Orthopaedics Including Clinical Methods 6th Edition. Maheshwari, A. Mhaskar vikram. Read the overview below and download it at the end of the post using the links given.

The book 'Essential Orthopaedics' deals with musculoskeletal system associated fractures and accidents. The fifth edition of this extensively detailed guide, Critical Orthopaedics, is suitable for undergraduate revision. Each of the 48 chapters has been extensively reviewed and updated, and at the conclusion of each chapter a portion of MCQs has been included to assist with revision.
When we present Essential Pediatrics' ninth volume, we are embarrassed by the role played by this textbook.t"\ .. Providing knowledge in the field of child health to doctoral generations. Four decades ago, late Prof. OP Ghai foresaw the need for a pediatrics textbook for the country's and South Asian medical students.

Henceforth,. That latest edition has aimed to introduce the revised information to an growing audience of undergraduate and postgraduate learners. For India, the next three decades are providing an unparalleled window of opportunity to boost its economic development and emerge as a country that will forever banish poverty and reach heights of wealth and well-being:. We are transitioning through a demographic phase characterized by an exceptionally high youth population that is a workforce for economic activity and nation-building purposes. This demographic dividend can only be realized if children and teenagers are healthy, strong and smart. In the context of a new India, pediatrics, the science and art of child healthcare, has thus acquired new meaning and relevance. The country has committed itself to a robust primary health S)'$tem with Ayushman Bharat, and to ensure financial protection for vulnerable families in receiving care for both children and adults. Preventin~ and health and nutrition promotion will gain further ground, and pneumonia-related health loss agenda. Further focus should be paid to vomiting, other viruses, preterm birth complications and vaccine preventable diseases. In the coming year~ adolescent health and development will become more and more important. We are now seeing an rise in demand for chronic neurological illness healthcare, developmental d.iso.nie~ .. Disabilities and the origin of adult illnesses in childhood. Realizing that children are entitled to secondary and tertiary treatment has encouraged the creation of superspecialty pediatric programmes.

These advances continue to be discussed in the current version of Critical Pediatrics. The book continues its emphasis on medical undergraduates. Thus we ensure the contents of 'must know' are protected extensively. We 're offering a preview of a program 'will learn.' We have ensured that the book's size allows it to be readable and handy enough for the classroom and bedside-as Prof. Ghai has always reminded u~ Gh'en of the emphasis on updated management of common childhood diseases, primary care physicians and pediatricians would find the book useful. Like previously, there are broad sections on key fields that tend to support the nt'('\.is o.f postgraduate students. This version includes a variety of improvements. We invite new writers for chapters on developmental disabilities, central nervous system, micronutrients, otorhinolaryngology, toxicity and injuries, and comprehensive treatment of childhood diseases.

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