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Essential Orthopaedics - 5th Edition

      Essential Orthopaedics - 5th Edition Maheshwari

Author(s): J. Maheshwari, Vikram A. Mhaskar
                                       Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, Year: 2016                                           
Essential Orthopaedics is the fifth edition of this highly illustrated resource, ideal for undergraduate revision.

Each of the 48 chapters has been thoroughly revised and updated, and an MCQs section has been added to the end of each chapter to aid revision. The chapters begin with a brief review of the relevant anatomy, before discussing basic principles and treatment, with various methods and their indications.

The broad range of topics includes anatomy of the bone and fracture healing, deformities and their management, bone tumours, spinal injuries and degenerative disorders. Orthopaedic injuries to specific parts of the body are given individual chapters, for example, injuries around the elbow, and injuries to the leg, ankle and foot.

Essential Orthopaedics provides a chapter on recent advances in the treatment of fractures, offering the most up-to-date information in this constantly changing field. Presenting a practical approach to various common emergencies, enhanced by sections on orthopaedic terminology and over 380 full-colour images and illustrations, this book is an invaluable revision resource for undergraduate medical students.

Key Points
  • Fifth Edition of orthopaedic revision resource
  • Previous edition published 2012 (9788184655421)
  • MCQ and terminology sections to aid revision
  • 382 full-colour images and illustrations
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Book Reviews:

The book 'Essential Orthopaedics' deals with musculoskeletal system associated fractures and accidents. The fifth edition of this extensively detailed guide, Critical Orthopaedics, is suitable for undergraduate revision. Each of the 48 chapters has been extensively reviewed and updated, and at the conclusion of each chapter a portion of MCQs has been included to assist with revision.

The chapters begin with a brief overview of the subject anatomy, with different approaches and their implications, before covering basic concepts and treatment. The broad variety of topics covers joint and injury healing pathology, deformities and their treatment, joint cancers, brain fractures and degenerative diseases

Essential Orthopedics Main Features
Below is a short description of the critical aspects of the 5th edition of Critical Orthopaedics and Clinical Techniques.

The first three chapters outline the description, pathology, and care of fractures and bones in detail.
Section four speaks about breaks and tractions. The book also addresses new developments in treating bones and the approach of treating the patient with limb damage.
In chapters eight, thirteen to twenty-one; accidents in different sections such as ribs, spinal nerve, elbow, forearm and wrist, neck, hip , knee, leg, ankle, and foot; infant fractures, pelvic fractures, and femur fracture shaft; and deformities and their treatment are also addressed.
Chapters twenty-second and twenty-four address illnesses related to muscles, knees, and hands.
Section twenty-three contains information about bone and joint tuberculosis.
Chapters in twenty-five-twenty-nine, thirty-one-thirty-nine address different illnesses, disabilities, and deformities that are caused in the musculoskeletal system. The treatment to a patient suffering from back pain is explored in chapter 30.
From chapter forty to forty-two, different amputations, prosthetics, orthotics, and surgeries such as arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement surgery (this includes hemiarthroplasty, total joint replacement, partial knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, and total elbow replacement) are discussed.

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