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A Manual On Clinical Surgery - 9th Edition

A Manual On Clinical Surgery - S Das

   Author(s): S.Das    
                                    Publisher: Elsevier India, Year: 2014                                           

Doing surgery on the human body is no easy job and one of the most important books when it comes to this area of medicine is A Textbook On Clinical Surgery. Considered unprecedented in its division of books, it is useful for those who are about to reach the surgical wards and perform surgery.

A Textbook on Clinical Surgery contains a thorough description of what you need to know about clinical surgery. Packed with supporting material, which includes color and monochrome images, x-rays and line sketches-this is the primary guide for students who will write their MBBS test. The text is accompanied by approximately 600 illustrations which offer you a better understanding of what part of the body.

At the end of a chapter the book will guide you to the history of clinical surgery as well as comparative and physical diagnosis.
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